Parent Involvement

You are your child's best and most important teacher. Becoming involved in your child's education and development in these crucial, formative years establishes a pattern of continued involvement throughout the school years. This is why we encourage you to become as much a part of the program as possible. You can help out in the classroom, and drive on our field trips. This is a nine month program from September through May. Registration begins in February for the following school year. Classes begin Labor Day. All children are required to have a physical examination and provide a current immunization record.


Children require a safe, nurturing environment which allows them the freedom to explore, discover, and learn. Each child has their own pace and manner of learning, so Rainbow Tree shapes a program that meets each individualized need. Children also require plentiful hands-on experiences. They learn through their five senses. Therefore, we create ever changing Interest Centers that encourage children to manipulate.....To Explore.....To Discover.


Every parent wants a well-rounded, well adjusted child. Preschool allows a child to interact with their peers as well as new adults. They learn to share, cooperate, and make new friends. The preschool experience eases the transition into elementary school

Professional Staff

Teachers are state certified, trained, professionals in Early Childhood Education and Development. They are specialist who guide your child through an exciting world of learning and fun.


Learning activities are structured around specific units and then individualized to meet specific needs of each child.


In order for children to reach their maximum potential, they must feel good about themselves. we treat each child with respect and sensitivity, and help them acquire self-confidence and self-reliance through meaningful play experiences.


Preschool children need many opportunities to exercise their large and small muscles. Our equipment and program help children develop coordination and strength. This in turn helps in the development of a positive self-concept, and a willingness to participate in other learning activities. Nutritious snacks, emphasis on good hygiene, and education in health and safety contribute to a child's physical well-being.